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Powerful and Persuasive Types of Personal Injury Expert Witnesses

A personal injury attorney will often call a variety of expert witnesses in hearings. Expert witnesses provide opinions relevant to the case. Opinions can relate to how an accident occurred or the effects of an accident. Expert witnesses have skills, proficiency, knowledge, and training in specific fields.

Testimonies from expert witnesses can be crucial to a case. Some lawsuits cannot begin until a personal injury attorney has hired expert witnesses.

Five persuasive types of personal injury expert witness include:

Medical Examiners

A medical examiner can testify as to the cause of death, often crucial in wrongful death cases.

Medical Experts

Various medical experts may provide information about a person’s injuries, the effect of the injuries, prognosis, and any possible treatments. Medical experts may also offer hypotheses about how injuries occurred.

  • Surgeons can provide expert testimony related to surgical interventions needed as a result of an injury.
  • Neurologists may be used as expert witnesses if the injury affected the brain, nerves, or spinal cord.
  • Pain management specialists may testify how much pain a person suffers and the extent to which pain interferes with the quality and enjoyment of life.
  • Rehabilitation specialists can be powerful expert witnesses to explain ongoing rehabilitation needs and treatment costs.
  • Mental health practitioners can testify about mental and emotional damage caused by accidents. This is essential when damages for psychological or emotional distress are sought.

Road Safety Experts

A road safety expert can help to explain how a motor vehicle accident occurred by, for example, providing information about road conditions.

Accident Reconstruction Professionals

Accident reconstruction professionals help establish how road accidents happened. They may detail speed, direction, and force and may offer insights into how injuries occurred.

Manufacturing Experts

Manufacturing Experts may give evidence to support the claim that a faulty product caused the personal injury.

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