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What to Do If You’re Injured by Defective Equipment

Many industrial accidents happen due to poorly maintained and defective tools in the workplace. If such an accident occurs while on the job, you may be entitled to compensation. Due to the complexity of the law, only a competent and highly experienced personal injury lawyer can help you sue the manufacturer or the employer and recover the worker’s compensation you deserve.


Defective workplace equipment is a pressing danger that can take a hardworking worker out of a job, leaving them to struggle alone, without an income or any form of support.


According to data from the U.S Department of Labor, more than 2.8 million work-related accidents and fatalities happen every year. Sadly, most of these injuries happen to individuals who know the safety procedures and always follow them to the letter—but they get seriously injured, lose the ability to earn a living or even their lives from defective equipment. If you have been injured due to a piece of faulty equipment or machine while working, consult our experienced personal injury lawyer at Robert J. DeBry to help you explore your compensation options and other legal actions.


Types of Defective Equipment at the Workplace


  • Defective Hand tools used for welding, hammering, and other activities.
  • Faulty heavy machinery, like cranes, construction tools, backhoes, dump trucks, forklifts, etc.
  • Defective ladders, conveyor belts, feeder belts, etc.
  • Defective agricultural equipment, such as lawnmowers, tractors, or balers.

Additional Claims from Flawed Equipment


If you are injured by a piece of defective equipment while performing your duties, you have an additional third-party claim. These are claims your personal injury lawyer files against a manufacturer who supplied a defective tool. Such lawsuits are always confusing, and the manufacturers are always armed with a large team of attorneys. To win such cases, you need a representation of experienced attorneys with years of training in pursuing the compensation injured workers are entitled to.

More often than not, industrial accidents occur as a result of some companies’ willingness to cut corners when procuring, checking, and maintaining tools and end up supplying defective equipment to their employees. If you have sustained injuries in a work-related accident because of faulty equipment, the attorneys at Robert J. DeBry can help you. We understand how life can become difficult after sustaining devastating injuries in an accident; that is why our firm is dedicated to assisting clients in fighting to get the benefits and compensation they deserve.

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