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Tips for Reporting a Drunk Driver

In the U.S, at least 29 individuals succumb to drunk driving daily. This translates to approximately1 person every 50 minutes, which is quite an alarming rate. Whenever you suspect a drunk driver, you should call for help to prevent devastating accidents. It is also essential to have a car accident attorney if you are part of an accident caused by a drunk driver. Although spotting a drunk driver can cause panic, there are several things you can do to prevent the situation from getting worse. Below are three tips from car accident lawyers to help you report a drunk driving incident.


1. Ensure Your Safety First


Your well-being is critically imperative and, as such, attempt to stay away. Don’t try passing the drunk driver or anything else that might put your well-being in jeopardy. There is no reasonable reason to attempt to stop the negligent and intoxicated offender alone. Instead, focus on your safety first and determine anything else you can do to ensure the safety of others, including the drunk driver.


2. Record the Incident


Instead of stopping the drunk driver yourself, focus on detailing all vital information concerning the incident. If you have company inside the vehicle, ask them to note down their version to help compile strong evidence. You should record the car’s number plate, insurance provider and driver. Take photos or record videos where possible to capture all details, including the car’s color, model and last seen location.


3. Make the Call


The last and most straightforward step remaining is to pull up and call 911 for help. If you are part of an accident, you should call your car accident attorney for legal advice to start compiling evidence that will get you compensated for any damages incurred. Remember, your safety is important, so if you suspect are injured, focus on getting medical assistance. Find out more about what to do when you suspect a drunk driver.

Hiring a car accident attorney is essential if you are part of an accident caused by a drunk driver. Without professional help, insurance companies will find a way to blame you for the accident and turn down your claim for compensation. Make sure you choose reputable car accident lawyers with experience in car accident insurance laws. If the driver manages to get away, you should report the details to local law enforcement.

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