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What is an Emotional Distress Claim?

When it comes to personal injury, many of us tend to think of the physical injuries that require all the expensive bills. However, there are a variety of different compensation claims that a personal injury lawyer can help you settle, including an emotional distress claim.

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An emotional distress claim can usually get you compensation for any emotional harm, usually as a component of pain and suffering. While these kinds of claims are less straightforward than lawsuits that recover economic losses, the damages are just as real in the lives of families and individuals.


A personal injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for emotional distress damages like:

Sleep loss

Our team at Robert J. Debry and Associates is dedicated to getting you all of the compensation that you need to recover and begin piecing life back together.


If you are looking for legal representation for your emotional distress, then you may already be getting medical treatment. Be sure to keep track of any of the medical expenses. It’s also important to inform your doctor of any psychological symptoms you’ve had since the time of the accident. If a medical professional can document your emotional distress, you have a strong component in your case.

You might also consider keeping a personal, daily record of how you’re feeling. Be sure to include the big as well as the small symptoms. It’s often the details that make all the difference in a lawsuit. As with any lawsuit, the more evidence you gather, the more likely you are to get compensation for your recovery.
If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, you can trust, look no further. Our team at Robert J. Debry & Associates cares about our clients. We are available twenty-four-seven for your questions and concerns, and we keep open communication with you throughout the entire process of winning your case. Visit our website to learn more.


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