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Common Driving Myths

Being a responsible driver is similar to being a responsible citizen. The more you educate yourself on current laws and driving news, the easier it is to make wise decisions. As car accident lawyers, we see firsthand the sort of tragedy that comes from careless or negligent behavior, some of which due to common driving myths. While some are less harmful than others, it’s good to be aware of what you should really be doing as a driver or passenger.

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You Only Get Pulled Over for Going 10 Over

One common myth involves the definition of speeding. Many of us tend to think, or have least been told, that we only get pulled over once we’ve gone more than 10 mph over the speed limit. This belief is simply not true. Any speed over the speed limit is considered speeding. You might not always get pulled over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. In any case, the less you speed, the more safe the roads are.

Seatbelts and Airbags Cause More Harm

Many people believe that seatbelts and airbags can cause more injury than they prevent. According to the CDC, seatbelts cut the risk of death by nearly have, reducing the risk by 45%. Studies also show that in 1991-1001, airbags saved more than 8,000 lives in comparison to the 237 lives that were lost due to airbag-related injuries. While these mechanisms are never a complete guarantee against what can happen in an auto accident, but as car accident lawyers, we see how much they do to improve your chances.

Hands-free Phones Are Safe

Car accident lawyers warn that even hands-off free phone calls are not as safe as we tend to think. They may not have the texting or video watching features, but there is hardly a difference between the driver’s performance when comparing a hands-free device and a mobile phone. It’s less about having your hands on the wheel—though that is vitally important—and more about your thoughts becoming distracted. Keep yourself and other drivers safe and hold all phone calls until you arrive at your destination.

The car accident lawyers here at Robert J. Debry & Associates want you and your loved ones to stay safe. Don’t let these common myths lead you to months of stress and grief. If you have already been a victim of someone else’s careless driving, we are here to help. Our team is dedicated to giving your case the attention it deserves. Visit our website to learn more.


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