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What Not to Say to the Other Party’s Insurance

After an accident, it’s only natural that you’ll want answers right away. In these instances, you’ll often look to the insurance companies to address your compensation needs, but a personal injury lawyer will inform you that this may not be the best idea. Insurance companies don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind, and they’ll always be looking to pay as little as possible. This is why a personal injury lawyer is crucial before you talk to the insurance companies. In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the things that you shouldn’t say to the other party’s insurance company if when communicating with them.

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“I Accept”

A personal injury lawyer will tell you that this is one of the most common mistakes that you can make when speaking to the other party’s insurance company. The initial settlement offer that an insurance company offers you will always be a low-ball, minimum offer. If you take this initial offer, you’re going to miss out on potentially thousands of dollars, and you may not even receive enough compensation to cover your expenses.

“I’m Not Injured”

Injuries sustained in an accident may not show until a few days or even weeks later. A personal injury lawyer will tell you that it’s important to get medical attention after an accident to pin-point any injuries so that you can use them in your case. If you tell the insurance company that you’re not injured, then end up showing symptoms of an injury later, you won’t be compensated for your injuries and you’ll be forced to deal with them on your own.

“It Was My Fault” or “I’m Sorry”

By admitting fault, you’re giving up any sort of compensation that you could be entitled to after an accident. Even if you believe that you were at fault for an accident, a personal injury lawyer will advise you that the other party could have played a factor in the accident, and you could still get some sort of compensation for your injuries and damages.

If you’re looking to contact the other party’s insurance company after an accident, make sure that you contact a personal injury lawyer to help you build the strongest claim possible.


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