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Different Types of Vehicles to Look Out for This Spring

More vehicles are making their way to the streets this spring, and among the influx of cars, you’ll also see motorcycles and more non-traditional forms of transportation on the roads. Car accident lawyers will advise you that with these vehicles on the road, you’ll have to exercise more caution. In this blog, we’re going to cover the different types of vehicles that you’ll most likely see in traffic this spring and how to safely drive around them.

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One of America’s most popular vehicles is the motorcycle; more specifically, the Harley. With the weather warming up, you’ve most likely already seen a higher number of motorcycles on your local roads and highways alike, so it’s important to remember that taking the necessary driving precautions will help prevent a serious collision between you and a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists can be harder to spot, especially if they’re in your blindspots. Make sure that you’re always looking at your blindspots directly and not relying too heavily on your side-view mirrors before switching lanes, as you could end up sideswiping a motorcyclist.

Also keep in mind that it is now legal for motorcycles to move to the front of the lane when at a light, so be aware that you’re going to have motorcyclists coming up beside you at an intersection. Car accident lawyers will also tell you that you should give them plenty of following distance, as a rear-end collision is more likely to do serious physical damage to a motorcyclist than another driver.


There are some similarities to motorcycles amongst moped riders, however, you won’t see these vehicles on freeways or highways too often. Instead, make sure that you’re looking out for mopeds in more densely populated areas like downtown Salt Lake. These vehicles often can’t operate past a certain speed limit due to engine restrictions, so be patient when you’re driving near one. Just like motorcycles, car accident lawyers will advise you to give mopeds an adequate amount of following distance.


Not too common on major roads, but still prevalent in neighborhoods and side streets, side-by-sides are another vehicle to look out for this spring. These vehicles can often be heard due to their loud engines, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely safe from a collision. An auto accident involving a side-by-side can be detrimental to the operator(s) well-being due to its lack of stability and safety features of a regular car.

Car accident lawyers have seen the damage that an auto accident can do to not only traditional cars, but to the vehicles mentioned above. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident due to another driver’s recklessness, contact the car accident lawyers here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.

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