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What You Need to Know About Drug Recalls

It’s never a good time to hear that one of the daily prescriptions you take to keep yourself healthy could actually be hindering your health.

In 2016 alone, there’s been 40 drugs recalled according the Federal Drug Administration. That averages out to about one drug being recalled every week so far this year. That means nearly hundreds, if not thousands of people have had to potentially call their lawyer in order to discuss their potential drug injury claim.

A prescription can be recalled for anything from a slight packaging issue to contaminated pills. The FDA decides when a drug is recalled, and they have three class system that a drug has to acquire before it can be recalled.

Class III recall is the mildest recall. These recalls usually mean that there’s something wrong with the prescription packaging. These type of recalls aren’t usually enough cause to call a drug injury lawyer, but the FDA still publishes these recalls to err on the safe side.

Class II recalls is when a prescription has the potential to cause the patient “temporary or medically reversible” health problems. Health hazards that can be fixed or are temporary are the most common types of drug injury.

But sometimes, a drug injury can lead to lifelong health problems or potential death. That’s when a Class III recall is administered by the FDA. A Class III recall from the FDA means that there has to be a reasonable probability that using the drug in question could harm someone.

When the FDA releases a drug recall, it means that the drug is potentially hazardous on a national level. Even if you live in Farmington, Utah, if you take a prescription that’s been recalled, you should take the time to research and read why the recall occurred.

It’s important to not panic, but to act swiftly. The quicker you respond, the less likely you’ll need to call a lawyer to deal with your claim.

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