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How to Drive Safely in the Winter

When you live in a northern town like Farmington, Utah, snow is an inevitable reality. As you enjoy the crisp fall air, you can’t help but think, “Winter is coming.” Before long the powder will fall from the sky, and the risk of an auto accident and needing an auto accident lawyer will increase.

Driving safely in the winter takes patience and skill. That’s easier said than done. Even a lawyer who spent years studying so that he or she could defend clients like you can get impatient driving in winter weather conditions. As you hit the roads this wintertime, keep these tips in mind.

Your tires are one of your best defenses against winter weather. Make sure your tires are inflated and have a good amount of traction. In extra snowy areas, you may consider getting snow tires.

Cruise control is a great feature, but not in the wintertime. When snow and ice are present, you need to have full control of your vehicle speed at all times. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Taking your time to speed up and slow down helps your tires get better traction.

Remember that it will take longer to slow down on snowy and icy roads. When you drive on normal, dry pavement, the standard following distance is three to four seconds. In the snow, increase that distance to at least eight seconds. Slow down on your turns too. In general, the slower you do things, the better.

Hills are scary in the snow. Don’t worry. You can climb them safely. Try to get some momentum going before you reach the hill, and let it carry you upwards. Applying more and more gas as you go up a snowy or icy hill will make your tires spin, which can easily lead to an auto accident and a phone call to your lawyer. Don’t stop mid-hill if you can avoid it.

When possible, just stay home. Avoid driving in the winter if you don’t have to. Hot cocoa and cookies await you.

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