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Pedestrian Accident? Here are the next steps to take

A pedestrian accident may leave you with life-altering injuries, or you become permanently disabled. However, you can hold the negligent motorist or driver who hit you to compensate for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. And this is why you need a car accident lawyer.

If you experience a pedestrian accident, these are the essential steps to protect your health and claim compensation:

Move to Safety

Being involved in a pedestrian accident is undoubtedly stressful and frightening. If you get hit at an intersection or in the road, ensure you move to a safer place. Doing this will help protect you from getting injured in another accident. If unable to move, ask from help from other pedestrians.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

Your next step should be to seek medical attention- whether you’re injured or not. Medical professionals will evaluate you for possible spinal or neck injuries, traumatic brain injury, and internal bleeding. Untreated internal bleeding may lead to coma, organ failure, or even death.

These kinds of injuries might not show symptoms for many days after an accident. You, therefore, protect your health by seeing a healthcare provider right away.

Contact the Police

Next, contact the police and obtain a copy of the report for your claim. The information helps document that an accident occurred and identify who was at fault.

It’s crucial to receive contact information from the other driver and the insurance company. You may get it from an eyewitness because their testimony is exceptionally vital in proving the driver’s negligence.

Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer

Ensure you have an experienced personal injury lawyer. He/she will file your claim, get the evidence you need, and make sure you get compensated.

If you or a family member get involved in a pedestrian accident, Robert J. Debry & Associates is your qualified personal injury lawyer to call. Our accident attorneys are highly skilled to fight for your compensation.

Call our office today to schedule a free consultation. Your case is our promise.

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