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Signs of Whiplash After an Accident

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Do you feel tightening in your neck and shoulders after an accident? There is a possibility that you have whiplash. Whiplash is an injury that occurs due to strong, rapid back and forth movements of the head and neck. The severe and sudden motion extends the soft tissue (the muscles and ligaments) of your neck beyond their typical range of motion. You may need a personal injury lawyer in this case.

Here’s a look at four signs that may indicate you have whiplash after an accident.

1. Stiffness

A stiff neck is the primary symptom of whiplash. Stiffness is the sensation of difficulty turning your head back and forth due to strained muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Depending on the severity, neck pain can radiate into your face resulting in jaw and cheek pain as well.

2. Lingering headaches

Persistent or painful post-crash headaches at the base of your skull is a common symptom of whiplash, especially if you’ve recently been in a car accident. Usually, the headaches are migraines or muscle tension headaches. The severity of your headache largely depends on the impact and force exerted during the accident.

3. Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain is also one of the most common symptoms of whiplash. This pain can manifest immediately after the accident, although this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the pain can take a few days to develop and could be a sign of a more serious injury.

4. Fatigue and sleeplessness

Accidents can be traumatizing, both physically and mentally. After an accident, you might experience trouble sleeping due to the mental anguish or due to the physical pain. The result will leave you tired and having trouble continuing with your daily routine.

Don’t be a victim of whiplash

If you suspect you’ve suffered whiplash from as a result of an accident, you should seek treatment immediately to avoid more serious consequences. Also, the sooner you seek medical assistance, the sooner you can get started on your case to get justice. At Robert J. Debry & Associates, we are committed to easing your pain and ensuring that you receive the best legal representation following an accident. Let a personal injury lawyer from Robert J. Debry & Associates help you today!

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