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What Kind of Car Accident Are You Most Likely to Get Into?

It’s almost inevitable that you or someone who know will at some point be involved in a car crash. No two accidents are 100 percent identical; however, almost every auto accident lawyer at Robert J. DeBry agrees: There are certain types of accidents that happen more often than others. Being educated about the most common types of auto accidents is one of the best ways to prevent becoming a victim of an auto accident in the future.

High Traffic Areas and Rear-End Collisions

Location can play a large part in what type of auto accident you’re more likely to experience. If you live in a relatively populated city such as Provo, Utah, you have a higher risk of experiencing a rear-end collision, which usually occurs when a vehicle follows another vehicle too closely — resulting in a nasty pile-up when the vehicle in front abruptly stops. Rear-end collisions can be tricky; in most cases, a lawyer is required to determine where the fault lies.

Avoiding Single Vehicle Accidents

If you live in a less populated area than Provo — say, perhaps, a small town in the Midwest — you’re more likely to experience a single vehicle auto accident. A single vehicle crash doesn’t involve another vehicle; these types of accidents happen as a result of driving off the road, slipping on ice, colliding with stationary objects and so on. Rural, unpaved roads, hazardous driving conditions (Wyoming roads in the winter, anyone?) and similar situations can all contribute to single vehicle accidents.

Cross Traffic Accidents and Intersections

Cross-traffic accidents can happen almost anywhere there’s an intersection — from suburban Provo to a small town in the South. A cross-traffic accident is almost always caused by a driver who either runs a red light, ignores a stop sign or turns left without yielding properly to oncoming traffic. Whatever the cause, we understand that these types of accidents can be exceptionally stressful. With the help of an auto accident lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates, you can safely get the help you need to recover from an accident.

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