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James Dean’s Car Accident

Who Was James Dean?

James Dean was born in Marion, Indiana, on the 8th of February in 1931. Dean was incredibly close to his mother as the only child in the family. At 9, his mother died of uterine cancer, devastating both the young Dean and his father. Soon after, unable to cope with his wife’s death and raise a child as a single father, he sent Dean to live with Ortense and Marcus Winslow, his aunt and uncle. During his adolescence, Dean became close to a pastor named James DeWeerd, credited with influencing many of Dean’s interests. Graduating from High School with high marks, he would go to Santa Monica College, intending to major in pre-law. This would change, however, when he transferred to UCLA and changed his major to drama. After a single semester, he would drop out of UCLA in January 1951 after appearing in a Pepsi commercial. He would spend several years working various jobs as a struggling actor until, eventually, his career began to pick up steam. And in 1955, his starring role in Rebel Without a Cause rocketed him to fame. He would enjoy this fame until he died in 1955.

James Dean’s Car Accident

Dean took an interest in the burgeoning motorsport industry in 1954, purchasing several sports vehicles that year. He would win first place in the novice Palm Springs Road Races class, taking second place in the main event the next day. After finishing shooting for the film “Giant,” he traded in his Speeder for the newer Porsche Spyder, with plans to return to racing. While driving the vehicle on Route 466, James Dean collided with a car that had initiated a left turn. This resulted in Dean becoming trapped in the car and receiving numerous fatal injuries, such as a broken neck. He was pronounced DOA at the hospital.

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