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Is truck driving in Utah dangerous?

Any vehicle is prone to road accidents. Whether truck or car, careless driving, driving when drunk, overspeeding, and distracted driving contribute to road accidents. When an accident occurs, a truck accident lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates may help you recover the compensation lost in an accident. 

Truck Sizing 

Most trucks in Utah are heavy, wide and long, and transport heavy, long and wide cargo. Some trucks may be too high to go under some bridges and overpasses. When some drivers carelessly try to go through such bridges, a fatal accident may cause damage.

Heavyweight makes the truck more prone to a tire blowout. In addition, in case of a road accident with other cars, the weight impact of the truck may cause injuries, property damages, and death to others.


Some cargo demands quick deliveries, so trucks react slowly, especially when turning or breaking. Truck speeding may be dangerous to other road users. Consult with a truck accident lawyer from a nearby law firm in case of an incident.

Hazardous materials

Some cargos are flammable; these make the truck prone to fire in road accidents. In addition, some companies may improperly load the cargo into the truck, thus hazardous to other road users.


Unlike the passenger’s vehicle, which can efficiently avoid obstacles, it may be challenging for a truck to maneuver around an obstacle quickly. If a truck driver carelessly tries to make a move to avoid a block, a crash may happen, and the victim should seek help from a truck accident lawyer.

Fatigued driving

Most trucks transport cargo for long distances. Some drivers may opt to drive for long and violate the driving time rules. Working for long periods makes the drivers more tired, thus, less effective in driving.

If road users get injured and their properties destroyed in a truck accident, they are entitled to compensation. So, after an accident, the first step they should think about is to look for a truck accident lawyer from the top-rated law firms like Robert J. DeBry & Associates



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