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What You Should Know About Sharing The Road With Semi Trucks

The drivers in cars cause over 70% of the road accidents between trucks and passenger cars. Because of their weight, height, and length, trucks are dangerous when small cars move close to them. Small car drivers equipped with enough knowledge on escaping these dangers can help minimize road accidents

It is unsafe to drive too close to a semi-truck?

Drivers should understand that semi-trucks may carry a loose load, have a tire blowout, and experience a sudden stoppage. These can be dangerous to the cars moving very close in front, behind, and beside the truck. However, if you get injured in such a situation, you should look for a truck accident lawyer for compensation.

Avoid truck’s blind spots

Behind the trailer, directly in front of the cab, and on the truck’s right side are the most prominent Semi-trucks driver blind spots. Avoiding such areas will help the truck drivers better visualize your car.

Drive Defensively

Most Truck drivers are known for driving long hours, which may be tiresome, and can cause accidents. You should drive defensively, bearing in mind that anything can happen with the truck. However, regardless of how cautious you are, you may find yourself injured. In such situations, contact a truck accident lawyer from a well-established law firm like Robert J. DeBry & Associates.

Pass Cautiously

Trucks tend to be slow, especially on a hilly road. You may be tempted to pass it. It will help if you use the signals properly to alert the driver you want to overtake.

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