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Is Car Technology Saving Us from Accidents?

With new technology comes the inevitable skeptic. There are people out there that believe that new vehicle safety technology has resulted in a decline in good drivers due to the dependence we’re putting on said technologies, but is this actually true? Well, fortunately, studies conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) say that new vehicle technologies have actually helped decrease the number of accidents on the road. These studies took a look at major accident types like lane drifting, rear-ending and traction hazards.

So, just how effective are these new car technologies? If you’re looking to avoid a consultation with your car accident lawyer, you should definitely consider investing in a vehicle that offers these safety features. Here is why.

Rearview Cameras Reduce Backing Crashes

The IIHS has conducted a study which shows that rearview cameras are expected to prevent nearly one in six police-reported backing crashes. Many modern vehicles today are equipped with a rearview camera, and soon it will become standard. Having rearview cameras in every vehicle will significantly help prevent back up accidents across the nation. On average, these cameras cut these crashes by 16 percent, and they seem to benefit drivers over the age of 70 the most. With these drivers, the crash rate falls 40 percent, compared to the 15 percent in drivers younger than 70.

Lane Drifting Technology

Lane departure technology is set to help avoid sideswiping accidents that are a direct result of lane drifting. Lane drifting occurs when a car begins to make its way out of its lane due to the drivers driving under the influence, driving drowsy, and/or when they are distracted. distracted.

Researchers say that almost 85,000 crashes and around 55,000 injuries could have been prevented in 2015 if every vehicle on the road been equipped with lane departure warning technology. While it’s nice that a car accident lawyer can help you handle a car accident case, lane departure technology can help you avoid an accident altogether.

Traction Control Technology

Slippery roads are the main cause of skidding and hydroplaning accident. Traction control systems in newer vehicles help prevent the wheels from spinning during times of acceleration, as well as when the car is starting off on wet surfaces. Unlike anti-lock braking, which aims at preventing the locking of the brake pads, traction control reduces the torque of each wheel at the same time.

New technologies are created to help reduce the number of accidents on the road and the number of calls made to car accident lawyers. While these technologies aren’t yet available to every driver, it’s important for drivers to practice safe driving techniques. If you or someone you know has been injured due to another driver’s recklessness, contact a car accident lawyer here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.



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