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Hurt From a Dog Bite? A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Everyone knows that dogs are entertaining, loving, and man’s best friend. Despite this, dogs have the potential to injure people. According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States each year, and 800,000 of those bites result in medical care. It is common for dog bites to occur quite unexpectedly and without warning. The attack may be damaging and require medical attention. It can also keep you from doing normal daily activities. This may lead you to seek compensation for your dog bite accident, and a personal injury attorney can assist you with this.

A dog bite is considered a personal injury, just as accidents and falls are. Severe dog bites may result in bleeding, infections, and nerve damage. The injuries may also include emotional and mental distress. A personal injury attorney will bring justice and request compensation from the dog owner due to your injuries.

Steps To Take After a Dog Bite Injury

1. Receive Medical Care

Regardless of if your injuries are severe or not, you should seek medical attention. It’s common to have complications after a dog bite, and receiving medical care minimizes the chances of infection.

2. Collect Evidence

Gather as much evidence from the scene of the incident as possible, including pictures of the injury and scene, witness information, medical records, and bills.

3. Report The Incident

Many states require you to report the accident to your local authority. Animal control can assist you with the case and provide you with any information regarding the dog’s potential for harm or diseases.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Now!

Our compassionate team of personal injury attorneys will devote everything they have to aid you to achieve the compensation you deserve if you were injured in a dog attack. Don’t waste any more time and contact Robert J. Debry & Associates today!

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