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How to Avoid Becoming a Dog Bite Victim

Every year, over 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs. One in every five of these people require medical attention. With so many dog bites occurring each year, how can you protect yourself from becoming bitten? Even the most seemingly-friendly canines can act unpredictably at times, inflicting both pain and injury.

Every dog bite lawyer from St. George to the Midwest has heard stories of relatively mellow canines reacting poorly in certain situations. Here’s how you can become more aware of potentially hazardous situations involving canines and avoid being bitten.

Avoid Sudden, Unpredictable Movements

A dog’s reaction to sudden, unpredictable movements may differ slightly depending on the breed. Moving in a quick, frightening and/or erratic way can trigger a canine’s defense mechanism, causing it to act impulsively — and in some cases, bite either you or the person closest to it. Whether you need to contact a dog bite lawyer in St. George or on the East Coast, remember that you aren’t responsible for the actions of another person’s animal.

You can prevent such an incident by avoiding quick movements around a canine that you’re not familiar with. In the event that you are bitten, it’s critical to remember that the fault still lies with the owner of the dog.

Recognize When a Dog Becomes Territorial

Dogs are exceptionally territorial creatures; if they believe that someone or something is invading their space, they’ll be more likely to attack. If you intentionally or unintentionally invade a dog’s space without first familiarizing yourself with the animal, then you put yourself at heightened risk for being bitten.

You can avoid this situation by approaching an unknown canine cautiously and by becoming acutely aware of its personal space. Every dog bite lawyer from St. George to the Midwest will warn of the dangers involved with impeding on a canine’s personal space. Becoming significantly aware of the territorial nature of most canines can help you avoid a nasty bite or attack.

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