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The Car Accident that Killed John Forbes Nash Jr

John Nash was a mathematician who inspired the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ starring Russel Crowe. The film won multiple awards in 2002, including an Oscar and Golden Globe. The Nobel Prize-winning mathematician (86) and his wife, Alicia (82), died in a car accident in New Jersey when their taxi crashed. When accidents like these occur, a wrongful death lawyer must be involved to help. Robert J. DeBry & Associates is a Utah law firm that provides excellent wrongful death lawyer and car accident attorneys.

For John Nash, a car accident changed the life of his family. With the help of a wrongful death lawyer, families in situations similar to his can help a family receive compensation for their loss.  

The Accident

According to New Jersey State Police, the couple was riding in a taxi traveling South when the cab lost control as the driver tried to overtake another vehicle. The taxi hit the guardrail at high speed, and the force caused both Nash and Alicia to be ejected from the car because they were not wearing seatbelts. According to NPR, the police report said they were both pronounced dead on the scene. A car accident attorney would have ensured the information was correct.

The taxi driver, Tarek Girgis, was flown to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where he was admitted with non-life threatening injuries. The passenger in the other car involved in the collision was also admitted to the hospital. No charges were filed after the investigation. For a more thorough investigation, Mr. Nash’s family should have contacted a car accident or wrongful death lawyer.

John was a brilliant scholar whose achievements inspired many mathematicians, economists, and scientists. He was best known for his work on Game Theory, for which he won a Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. In 2015, he won the Abel Prize in Mathematics just before his death. However, his academic accomplishments go back as far as 1957.

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