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Are You Guilty? Hidden Behaviors of Distracted Driving

You know the symptoms: Texting and driving. Steering with one hand and a cigarette/soda/hamburger in the other. Snapchatting. These are all examples of distracted driving; however, what if we told you that there was a whole other group of behaviors that qualify as distracted driving — even behaviors you didn’t realize you do every day?

From interacting with a toddler in the backseat to searching for the last French fry in the bag on your afternoon commute home from Farmington, Utah, here are some hidden driving distractions known to cause an auto accident for even the most savvy drivers. Knowledge is power — you won’t need a lawyer if you’re aware of some of the not-so-obvious distracted driving dangers.

Glancing Away for the Right — or Wrong — Reasons

Technically, any time your attention is diverted from the road while driving qualifies as distracted driving. However, when your attention is diverted from the road for seemingly innocent things — such as glancing over to make sure that your teenager is buckled in — it might not seem like such a large threat. But don’t be fooled; even though your actions don’t seem like they might cause an auto accident, a lawyer will think differently when you rear end someone in a school zone or cause a pileup driving to soccer practice in Farmington.

Our advice? Make sure the occupants of your car are buckled in safely before you leave the driveway (or that your toddler has everything he/she needs); by doing this, you’ll spend less time glancing in the backseat and more time with your eyes on the road.

Distracted Driving Is a Growing Issue

Distracted driving is a multifaceted issue with serious — and sometimes deadly — consequences. Avoiding an auto accident means avoiding higher insurance rates, lawyer fees, medical expenses and possible jail time. Don’t become the cause of the pileup on your morning commute to Farmington; keep your eyes on the road and you should arrive safely, sans injury.

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