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What is Black Ice, and Why is it Dangerous?

Black ice is a thin glaze of ice on a surface, usually on asphalt or cement. A car accident lawyer can help you if you are in an accident. It’s not actually black, but because it’s thin and matched to the surface it coats, it’s nearly invisible. This black ice can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, who might not see it until it’s underneath them. Because it’s so slick, the shoe and tire tread can’t grab onto it, resulting in accidents, painful injuries, or even death. If you suffer a personal injury or death from an encounter with black ice, you or your family might have a case, and you should consult a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer. Robert J. DeBry & Associates has a team of qualified lawyers that can help you or a loved one. 

How to Avoid Black Ice

Black ice forms when roads are wet and temperatures fall below freezing. It also forms frequently on roads that aren’t designed or maintained well enough to drain correctly. Black ice is most common late at night and in the early morning. Keeping an eye on weather reports can give you an indication of what driving conditions might be. You might encounter black ice on overpasses, bridges, anywhere that remains shaded throughout the day, and on walkways and doorsteps. If you need to travel in these conditions, stick to major thoroughfares, walk slowly, and follow driving tips for black ice conditions. Injuries sustained because of black ice may warrant talking with a car accident lawyer. Robert J. DeBry & Associates can answer your legal questions.

What to do if You are Involved in an Accident Due to Black Ice

Black ice can cause different types of accidents involving individual drivers, multiple vehicles, pedestrians, or private property, and can all result in injury or death. Personal injury, wrongful death, and car accident lawyers like Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help you and your family members determine what your legal rights are and help you build a case for a successful verdict or settlement. Call Robert J. DeBry & Associates at 801 888 8888 on our 24/7 line today. 

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