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Delayed Symptoms After an Accident

Every 10 minutes, a crash occurs in Utah. Every 23 minutes, a person is injured in a car accident. There were over 52,000 car accidents on public roadways in the state of Utah last year. Don’t become a statistic. Whether you are driving from Salt Lake City to St. George, or just driving to the grocery store, drive safely and don’t drive distracted.

If you are a victim of an auto accident, be aware of delayed symptoms. Symptoms can be delayed and may not show up until a couple of days later. If this is case, contact a lawyer to help you feel confident about your case. If you are still feeling any of these symptoms days after contact a lawyer as soon as possible.


If you experience a headache two to three days after you have been in an accident, this may be a warning sign. You may have suffered from a concussion, or some other type of head or neck injury during the accident.

Be aware of these symptoms. Contact a lawyer and head to the doctor to be sure your symptoms don’t turn into something more severe.

Swelling or Pain in the Abdomen

If you start suffering from pain or swelling in your abdomen, you may have obtained an internal injury while in the car accident. Other symptoms of an internal injury are dizziness and fainting. This can be a very scary situation and requires immediate medical attention.

Back Pain

If you have pain that travels down your arms or legs, you may have sustained a back injury. There are many parts to your back that could have been injured such as muscles, ligaments or nerves. Talk to your doctor. Spine injuries can be serious and may need to be looked at with a CT scan or MRI to be able to diagnose the injury properly.

If you have delayed symptoms from a car accident you may think it is too late. Don’t hesitate. Contact your lawyer and doctor to understand exactly what to do with the sustained injury.


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