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Creating an Effective Emergency Plan

Emergencies can range from anything from a car crash to a hurricane. If an emergency does occur, it is important to have an effective emergency plan. Everyone should have an emergency plan, whether you are living in Salt Lake City or somewhere on the East Coast.

If a personal injury occurs during an emergency make sure to ask your lawyer what you should do next. Here are the four phases of an effective emergency plan.


Mitigation includes actions you can follow in order to help reduce the chances of an avoidable emergency from happening. Unavoidable emergencies include accidents that doesn’t put anyone at fault for the accident.

An unavoidable accident is highly rare, however being prepared for one of these accidents can decrease the chances of one of them happening. Many courts have abandoned unavoidable accident cases mainly because they are not able to find out who is at fault.


Preparedness allow you to be ready for whatever emergency that can occur. A few emergencies you can be prepared for include a car accident, power outages or a thief breaking into your home. Being prepared for an emergency can be as simple as having the number of a lawyer on hand to purchasing a first aid kit.

Though preparing for an emergency that has a small chance of occurring may seem useful, it will help you overall.


When responding to an emergency it is important to stay calm and collected. If you begin to panic during an emergency you may cause other around to panic, which may result in even a greater emergency. When an emergency occurs make sure you are able to contact those who need to be contacted such as a doctor for a personal injury or a lawyer for advice.

If you are unaware of how to respond during an emergency, talk to someone who has been through that type of emergency before.


Recovery is the final step when it comes to an emergency plan. During your recovery, you begin to return to the life you had before the emergency. The recovery phase can be full of rebuilding homes that were destroyed, gathering items that are needed for survival or simply taking a moment to understand what had just happened.

An effective emergency plan allows you to handle any emergency with no problem, especially if a personal injury occurs and you need a lawyer.


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