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DeBry’s Free Rides Home

Drunk driving is among the leading causes of accidents in America today. According to NHTSA, 28 people lose their lives in a day to drunk driving. This translates to over 10,000 lives per year. Preventing drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel before they cause an accident or hurt someone else is the best way to help reduce this number.

At Robert DeBry & Associates, we understand the dangers of drunk driving. For this reason, we offer DeBry’s Free Rides Home on St. Patrick’s Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. The rides are carried out by taxis, Lyft, and Uber for any adult who needs to arrive home safely. 

Overall, ride-sharing has reduced drunk driving fatalities by 4%, according to the National Bureau for Economic Research.

Apart from the free ride program, Robert J. Debry & Associates also donate to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). These donations come from every successful drunk driver case we litigate against. We are a Utah Law firm committed to ending the dangers that drunken driving causes. 

Who can get the free ride home?

To qualify for DeBry’s free ride, you must be at least 21 years. The reimbursement is up to $35. This is the average cost that can cover most free rides in the Salt Lake Metro Area. Our rides are from a restaurant or a bar back home or to a residence. 

How do we reimburse you?

To get reimbursed, you fill an online form on our website. You can alternatively send a copy of your driver’s license along with your original taxi receipt to us. We will make reimbursements up to $35 for your ride that must be within the vicinity of Salt Lake Metro. You must send the receipt to us within ten days after the holiday. We can find here the details about where to send the documents here.

Robert DeBry & Associates is a Utah law firm dedicated to reducing the impacts of drunk driving. We partner with Lyft, Uber, and other taxis to ensure that drunken drivers do not take you home. If you have paid for the ride and later realize that the driver is drunk, you can contact us for a free ride. 

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