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The Dangers of Long Shifts as an Uber Driver

Driving for Uber or Lyft is a good way to make some extra cash. There are no rules or restrictions to stop drivers from working long shifts. For some employees, that means a 20-hour shift to take advantage of the high rates that day. They’re only human and they didn’t want to miss out. There are many dangers in driving for long periods of time. The longer you drive, the more likely you are to get in an auto accident and need to call your family lawyer.

You will not only be putting your own life in danger, but your Uber passengers as well. If you do end up in an auto accident in Salt Lake City, contact a lawyer from our team to help you with your case. While you may be tempted to make some good money, it’s important to understand when you are getting fatigued to avoid auto accidents.

Already Tired

If you didn’t get a good night sleep or if you already are tired, don’t drive for a long period of time. It will be hard to pay attention on the road and you won’t be completely alert.

Take Breaks

No matter how long you decide to drive for, you need to take breaks. If you are driving multiple Uber customers around, be sure you take a break at least every two hours. If you have been driving for an hour and a half, and the next drive appears to be longer than a half hour, take a break. It is important to be safe rather than sorry—solid advice from any lawyer.

Be Responsible

While you are trying to earn some extra money, it is important to be responsible. If you feel too fatigued while driving a costumer around, make that your last customer for the day. Don’t get on your phone. Don’t get distracted.

You don’t want to endanger your life, or the lives of others and end up in a car accident. Know your limits, and stop driving when you’ve reached your limit.


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