Motorcycle or Car: Which Is Better?

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Any motorcyclist from Farmington, Utah would tell you that there is nothing better than riding down a winding canyon road in the spring, summer or fall. On the other hand, your lawyer would tell you that there isn’t anything more devastating than a motorcycle accident.

The truth is, if you’re careful and follow all the safety rules, you can minimize the damage done in an accident. Though, if you drive a car instead, statistically, you’d be safer.

Cars Are Safer

Getting into an auto accident isn’t pretty either, but there are more safety feature to protect you in a car: airbags, seat belts and shatter-resistant glass to name a few. The bottom line is, when you drive a car, there is more standing between you and death than there is when you ride a motorcycle. All a motorcyclist has is a helmet and leather.

Cars are also much easier to control. While motorcycles are smaller and much more maneuverable, they can lose control easily—especially at high speeds. In any case, you should drive and ride as safely as you can. If you get into an accident in either a car or on a motorcycle, make sure you call your lawyer.

Motorcycles Aren’t as Costly

While motorcycles may be less safe in comparison to cars, they can also be a lot less expensive than a car too. The average price of a car is $30,000. A decent motorcycle on the other hand, costs between $3,000 and $6,000. Many people justify risking a motorcycle accident because of this huge price difference, but your lawyer would tell you that this small price difference isn’t worth your life or getting injured.

After all, if you do decide to purchase a motorcycle, make sure you take all the appropriate training, and make sure you wear the proper safety gear. Be extremely careful when riding in inclement weather and make sure to stay vigilant on the roads.

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