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Common Injuries in the Construction Industry

All over Salt Lake City there is construction going on. A study found that nine percent of all nonfatal injuries and illnesses were experienced by construction workers. Here are a few examples of personal injuries that you can suffer from construction work that you might need lawyer for.


Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common injuries that you might need a lawyer for if you work in construction. When working in construction, there are a lot of reasons you might fall. You could fall from any of the following: cranes, ladders, scaffolding or any other thing you might have to climb in order to get your job done. If you suffer from an injury like this, you might want to file for Workers’ Compensation.

Equipment Related Accidents

When you work around heavy machinery, you put yourself at risk to get run over. You could get backed in to or over if you are walking on the construction site and the driver doesn’t see you. Most of these injuries are because of supervisor neglect. If this situation would happen to you, you could hire a lawyer for a personal injury claim.

Other equipment related accidents include: a forklift failing or a nail gun misfiring. These situations can cause serious injuries and proper precautions should be taken.

Fires and Explosions

At construction sites, there are a lot of possible hazards. There could be exposed wiring, leaking pipes or flammable chemicals that could start a fire or explosion. Though these accidents are less likely to happen than others, they can be fatal.

Building Collapses

A building that is currently getting built or demolished could suddenly collapse. When a building collapses, it could trap or kill individuals near it. The one thing about building collapses is that you might not know the reason for it, but you can still sue.

Construction injuries are very common which means there will always be proper legal help for you to find.

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