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Summer Pool Safety

With temperatures already into the nineties in Salt Lake City and even higher across other parts of Utah, we expect a lot of people to try to escape the heat by relaxing at the pool this summer. As lawyers at Robert J. DeBry and Associates, we fully support everyone to stay cool and enjoy the sunshine, but caution everybody to be careful poolside.

Pools are not unsafe places provided that you understand how to behave when you’re there. Knowing how to act to avoid a slip and fall is crucial to staying safe — a minor injury could prove much more serious when around water. To avoid emergency CPR and needing to call a lawyer to help claim compensation, be careful by the pool.

What Goes Wrong Poolside

While some people might enjoy lying by the pool to relax, a lot of people — especially kids — go there to have fun and play. There’s a lot of built up energy at the pool, and if kids have a hard time controlling it, they may slip and fall and injure themselves.

Though it should be obvious that when water splashes onto the smooth concrete, it becomes slippery, but sometimes the excitement of being poolside makes people forget to use caution. If a slip and fall accident wasn’t bad enough, taking a tumble poolside can be even more dangerous because of the risk of drowning. What may have been a standard personal injury could turn fatal if people do not exercise care.

What We Can Do To Help

First and foremost, we can remind you to always use caution poolside. That means walking instead of running, never going swimming alone and avoiding diving into shallow water. However, our services extend well beyond a friendly warning. A lawyer at Robert J. DeBry and Associates can help you claim compensation after an injury and so much more. Whether the victim is you or a loved one, contact us today to see how a lawyer can help you.

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