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Common Examples of Reckless Driving

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It’s estimated that 100 Americans die every day as a result of auto collisions. Besides that, researchers have found that reckless driving accounts for an estimated 33 percent of all fatal car accidents. Reckless driving has always been a matter of concern to transport authorities around the world. If you’ve suffered from a car accident, consider hiring a car accident lawyer. 

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety claims that 87 percent of American drivers engage in reckless driving. Below are some common types of reckless driving that a car accident lawyer often encounters in the pursuit of justice on behalf of auto crash victims.

Drunk Driving

Driving after consuming alcohol counts as reckless driving. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority, 30 people lose their lives daily due to drunk driving, which costs Americans 44 billion dollars annually. 

As opposed to pre-established notions, alcohol consumption creates a deficit in your safe driving skills. This reduction in concern for safety begins with your first drink and only worsens as you continue indulging. Some of the deficits you may experience include reduced coordination, impaired ability to track a moving object, difficulty maintaining safe speeds or a single travel lane, and reduced response during driving emergencies.

Excessive Speed

In most states, driving a few miles above the speed limit may be considered a minor infraction. However, suppose your speed is many miles above the limit. In that case, law enforcement officers may consider this a negligent operation of a motor vehicle, which places you and other drivers at significant and unnecessary risk of bodily injuries or death.

Excessive speeding is considered a leading factor in deadly car crashes. Some of the hazards it creates include difficulty controlling the vehicle, increased crash severity, and reduced effectiveness of the vehicle’s safety features.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a member of your family has fallen victim to the negligent actions of a reckless driver, don’t hesitate to call a car accident lawyer near you. You can contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates so we can help you find the justice you deserve. Our car accident lawyers have extensive personal injury and wrongful death litigation experience.

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