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Dangerous Car Defects and Malfunctions: What You Need to Know

Tips from Car Accident Lawyers

How many car accidents have been caused by defective parts? It’s estimated that more than three million people a year are injured in traffic incidents, and about one-third of those injuries involve drivers who were not the blame for the accident. Cars are an indispensable part of many people’s lives, whether they need to get to work, school, or for fun. However, like any machine with moving parts, cars can be dangerous, so there will always be defects and malfunctions. If you’ve been in a car accident, you may want to consider hiring car accident lawyers. 

Here are the top three defects you need to watch out for:

Defective Tires or Wheels

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Unfortunately, defective tires or wheels can make it much more likely that bad things will happen on the road.

According to NHTSA, 35% of all accidents caused by vehicle-related malfunctions are tire or wheel-related. When a tire is made with poor quality materials or has been poorly manufactured, it’s at risk for failing when you need it most – like during an emergency.

Failure of the Airbag System

Airbag systems are designed to protect you in the event of an automobile accident. However, there is a possibility that your airbag system might malfunction and deploy at the wrong time or not inflate at all during a crash. This can cause serious injuries or death. FARS found that eight percent of front occupant deaths in frontal crashes involved non-deployed airbags.

Every year, thousands of people are injured by defective airbags in their vehicles. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if only the airbags had deployed properly when needed.

Malfunctioning brakes

Malfunctioning breaks can cause serious and life-threatening accidents and are responsible for around 22% of car accidents per year. If your breaks are malfunctioning, you may not realize it until after a car accident occurs. Always have your breaks checked regularly for any signs of malfunctioning before an accident occurs.

Our Car Accident Lawyers Here for You

It’s no secret that defective parts cause many car accidents. If you have been injured due to a malfunctioning airbag, tires, or brake system and want to know your legal options, contact Robert J. DeBry Associates at our Utah office (801) 699-9999.

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