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Committing to Safety When Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

You may remember the first time you learned how to drive a car. It may have been at home in your dad’s car, or maybe you didn’t even touch a steering wheel until you took driver’s education in high school. Whatever the case may have been, you probably also remember feeling incredibly nervous getting behind the wheel for the first time. After several years of driving, it becomes second nature and you’re ready for your next challenge: learning to ride a motorcycle.

Motorcycles have been a staple of the American lifestyle and you can see people riding them everywhere across the United States, from Salt Lake City to the Big Apple. However, motorcyclists still only account for one percent of motorists on U.S. roads, while accounting for almost 10 percent of all accidents⎯ a motorcycle accident can be more fatal than an auto accident, so it’s important to be warry of the risks of riding.

Make Sure You’re Properly Trained

The first step in learning how to ride a motorcycle is taking a class. These courses usually only last three days, but the instructors cover everything you’ll need to know, from the gear you’ll need to how to start up your bike and how to start riding, shifting gears and stopping. These classes help you learn how to properly ride a bike and avoid getting into a motorcycle accident if you follow all the riding guidelines.

Attempting to ride without proper training can lead to serious injury, damage and a call to your attorney if you’re involved in an accident without the proper license.

Wear the Right Gear

You should always wear the proper gear while riding. A helmet will help reduce the risk of traumatic head injuries, while a thick, long sleeve shirt or jacket and long, thick pants will reduce the chances cement burns⎯ make sure you wear gloves and motorcycle boots as well.

As long as you play it safe, you’ll enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle. However, accidents happen; if you’ve been involved in an accident, contact a lawyer from our experienced attorney team here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.


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