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Child Passenger Car Safety

Every parent’s joy is to make sure that their child is safe, especially when on the road. However, each time you are on the road, ensure that if a child is 12 years and below, they are appropriately buckled up in the car’s back seat if need be; use a booster seat depending on their weight and height. Fatalities are significantly reduced when a child is buckled; hence, a parent and a caregiver should ensure that they save a life by properly buckling a child on every trip.

Tips for Child Safety:

  • Always use the rear-facing car seat until the child is 4 years old.

Infants and toddlers should be correctly buckled in a rear-facing car seat and harness the back seat until they are of the age of 4 years. During this age, a child has increased in weight, the height of the seat car. Hence, this position offers the best possible protection.

  • Use the Forward Facing Car Seat for children over the age of 5.

Since a child is growing, they will need an upgrade from their rear-facing car seats with time. For this reason, children should be buckled facing the car seat, looking forward. Ensure they are harnessed in the backseat until they outgrow the seat. 

  • Until the seat belt fits properly, ensure that you use a booster seat.

When children are outgrowing their forward-facing car seats, parents and caregivers should ensure they buckle their children in a belt-positioning booster seat that has a seat belt. However, this buckling should be in the back seat until the belt fits properly without using a booster seat. It is worth noting that a seat belt properly fits if the lap belt stays across the upper thighs. Then, the shoulder belt goes across the center of the chest and shoulders, not the face or neck or off the shoulder, which happens when the child reaches 9 years-12 years old.

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