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What is Pain and Suffering Compensation?

You’ve likely heard of some of the compensations that are commonly at stake when hiring car accident lawyers for a lawsuit. They address the issues that come most immediately to mind. From medical expenses, vehicle damage, lost wages, personal injury and, in the worst cases, wrongful death. However, there’s one type that is commonly overlooked: pain and suffering.

In terms of legal definitions, there are two types of pain and suffering: physical and mental.


Physical pain and suffering refers to the the actual physical injuries that received because of the incident. Car accident lawyers can help you obtain compensation not only for the physical injuries and pain you’re experiencing right now, but also any foreseeable negative effects that you’re likely to experience later on.

Mental and Emotional

Mental pain and suffering is more focused on the emotional trauma of the incident. Any sort of mental anguish, emotional distress, missed opportunities, fear and even anger can be accounted for when working with car accident lawyers to build your case. This type also includes any future mental pain and suffering.

Our team of car accident lawyers at Robert J. Debry & Associates want you to get all of the compensation that you and your loved ones need to recover and begin piecing your lives back together. We will put up an aggressive defense for your case and keep open understanding communication with you throughout the process. Sign up for a free consultation to learn how we can help carry some of the stress load.

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