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New 2020 Driving Laws

With this new year comes some new laws for drivers to be aware of. The car accident lawyers here at Robert J. Debry and Associates want you to and your family to stay safe and stress-free on the road. A big part of that is understanding the latest laws and regulations. So here’s what to know for 2020:

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Extended Driver’s License

That’s right. As of New Year’s Day, there will be an extra three years between having to renew a driver’s license. While this does come with a fee increase, it will mean a lot less hassle for Utah drivers. This extended time will go into effect for every driver as soon as they renew their current license. Better yet, depending on your driving history you may be able to renew online.

Permit for Off-Highway Vehicles

This only applies to non-residents, but it is good to know. Any non-Utah residents will now be required to have a permit in order to ride off-highway vehicles in the state. A permit costs $30.

Health Insurance Information

As of this year, health care insurers are now required to post information for the authorization of health care. This new law also means that there needs to be a reporting system in place for insurers. Any information about health care and other insurance is important to keep in mind if you are looking into hiring car accident lawyers.

Our team of car accident lawyers here at Robert J. Debry and Associates wishes you a safe and rewarding year. We hope that it’s one of growth and new opportunities. If you or a loved one is suffering from the negligence of someone else, contact us today. We can help you get the compensation you need to recover and move forward.

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