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Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle is something that you use year-round to commute to work, school and to run errands. While you expect your vehicle to reliably transport you to your next destination, it’s important that you properly maintain it to ensure that it not only lasts you for years to come, but that you stay safe while on the road. Car accident lawyers will tell you that they see accidents that could have been prevented if the vehicles were properly maintained. Here are some basic car maintenance tips you should follow to prevent an accident.

Check Your Tires

 More than 11,000 car accidents occur annually due to tire issues. There are several different reasons as to why a drivers tires might be the cause of an accident. This includes: improper tire pressure, failure to rotate tires and utilizing tires with little to no tread.

The owner’s manual in a vehicle will tell the driver everything they need to know. You should regularly rotate your tires every time you get your oil changed or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Rotating your tires will lead to longer tread life, but if your tread is low you should invest in new tires as soon as possible.

Test Your Headlights

 You should turn on your headlights, check your taillights and turn on your blinkers regularly. Not only will a burnt-out bulb get you a ticket, but it’s dangerous to drive without them. This can lead to an accident. Car accident lawyers see various clients who have been involved in an accident due to low visibility as a result of burnt-out headlights.

Regular Check-Ups

You should be taking your vehicle in for regular check-ups. This is so that you can catch any issues before they become too severe. Car accident lawyers will tell you that they have seen several accidents in which a simple check-up could’ve corrected the issue a vehicle was having which led to an accident.

Taking the time to perform simple maintenance on your vehicle could save you and other drivers from an auto collision. Give the car accident lawyers at Robert J. DeBry and Associates if you’re in need of legal representation after an accident.

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