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Be Safe This New Year


Nothing is more exciting than beginning a new year and thinking of all the possibilities it can bring. The lawyers in Utah with RJD & Associates 

New Year, New Challenges

However, all it takes is one mishap to turn thoughts of hopefulness into feelings of helplessness and not knowing where to turn. Fortunately, Lawyers in Utah with Robert J. Debry and Associates understands the complexities of dealing with accidents or incidents and stands ready to help.

One way to be safe this new year is to be responsible when drinking alcohol. Parties and similar gatherings are events where people tend to be carefree and happy, especially when hosts serve alcohol. The celebratory atmosphere of a party often leads to individuals drinking more than they can handle. Excessive drinking can lessen inhibitions and cause some people to feel invincible.

As a result, drunk individuals may get into a vehicle and drive, putting themselves and others on the road in danger.

Consequences of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving has been a factor in terrible accidents such as head-on collisions and wrecks resulting from motorists driving the wrong way. Sadly drunk drivers who live through such tragedies often blame the alcohol for these awful circumstances.

However, a personal injury attorney recognizes that when an individual or family experiences injury or loss due to a drunk driver’s actions, the drunk driver should be held accountable. Others may have contributed to the incident, especially those who provide or serve alcohol to people who drink and drive.

To Wrap Up

Anyone who plans to drink alcohol when celebrating, whether the occasion is an anniversary, birthday, or during or after a sporting event, needs to think about safety first this new year. No one wants to mar a happy occasion by ending up in an accident. Whether it is a fall, car wreck, or another unintentional event that results in injury or death. Individuals who have been injured by people acting irresponsibly due to drinking alcohol should contact lawyers in Utah for advice.

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