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Bad Habits that can lead to a serious injury.

Bad Habits that can lead to a serious injury.

Accidents can take place anytime, anywhere, and can happen to anyone, including you, and no one likes them, especially a car accident. The problem is there are some people who are more accident-prone than others, due to their bad habits. Thus, many individuals may consider these bad habits as minor details, without realizing the major problems they can cause. The worst part is that people will take such risks, because of something so simple to break out of. The following are just some of the many bad habits people have that can lead to serious injury:

  • Not putting their seatbelt on when they get into a car
  • Texting or talking on a phone while driving
  • Passing up warning signs without reading them
  • Failing to come to a full stop at stop signs while driving
  • Backing up without looking behind them first
  • Not watching where they’re going
  • Crossing in the middle of a street (j-walking)
  • Crossing against a light
  • Not wearing protective gear when required
  • Not tying their shoes properly

Does any of the above sound familiar? If you have any of the bad habits above, you probably think like many others, “I have been doing this for years and nothing ever happened.” Truth is, you have been doing this for years and have been lucky so far, but you are not exempt from injuring yourself or others by continuing what you are doing. Therefore, why not reverse these bad habits and instead of getting in a car and just driving off, make it a habit to fasten your seatbelt first, or rather than trying to run across the street when the light is yellow, why not wait a few minutes for it to turn green when you know it’s safe to cross?

It is especially important for you to break the habit of texting while driving and wait until you pull over, just to play it safe. It can’t hurt to follow rules, but not following them sure can. If you were injured due to someone else’s bad habits, in a car accident, or anything other injury in the state of Utah, call the Robert J. Debry & Associates law firm and make it a habit to get the help of an experienced attorney.


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