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Are Electric Vehicles Safer Than Gas

Are Electric Vehicles Safer Than Gas?

If you’re looking to purchase a new car, you may be wondering whether it would be safer to invest in an electric vehicle rather than a traditional gas-powered vehicle. In general, electric cars are considered safer as they are less likely to catch fire or even explode if you’re involved in a car accident. They are also more environmentally friendly and don’t produce emissions that contribute to diseases.

The Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle

Research shows that there are around 6.2 million car crashes each year. The introduction of electric cars looks promising as it’s helping to make the roads safer. The number of car accidents that have resulted in fires has decreased dramatically over the last thirty years.

This decrease is due in part to electric cars and improvements in fuel injector technology and modern safety features. America has seen a massive increase in electric vehicles on the roads since 2007. It’s thought that the number of electric cars is set to increase further as more people become interested in the environment and the price of electric vehicles drops. The roads are becoming safer!

What about Emissions?

Another benefit of buying an electric vehicle is that it doesn’t produce emissions. Traditional gas cars need to burn fuel to keep them running, and this produces exhaust gasses. Carbon monoxide and dioxide are released into the atmosphere and cause pollution. Exhaust gasses contribute to illness and disease.

The pollution produced by vehicles fills the air will emissions, contributing to common illnesses such as asthma. Pollution can also be fatal as it causes illnesses such as heart disease and cancers. The great thing about electric cars is that they don’t produce any emissions and are safer and more environmentally friendly.

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