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Being Aware of Motorcyclists on the Road

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous for both the driver and other drivers on the road. Motorcycle crashes are common and can result in serious injuries. It is important to pay attention to the road as much as possible and especially when you see a motorcycle near you.  As you share the road, be generous in the amount you space you give motorcyclists. If you don’t give them ample amount of room and an accident does occur, contact a personal injury attorney to assess the situation as it is sometimes difficult to determine who is at fault.


The most common type of motorcycle accident involves turning. If a car fails to see or judge the speed of a motorcycle, it may turn directly in front of the motorcycle. Whether inattention, distraction or blind spots, drivers naturally look for other cars and may not perceive the presence of a motorcycle. A driver must remain aware of everything on the road, including motorcycles.

Road Obstructions

Another common cause of a motorcycle accident involves rough terrain or road debris. A round corner, patch of sand, patch of gravel, leaves, horse dung and more can all cause a motorcycle to suddenly wipe out. All drivers on the road must keep an eye out for motorcycles and be aware of the surrounding terrain.  A nearby motorcyclist that suddenly wipes out might avoid further accident if you allow yourself more time to stop or the luxury to get out of the way by providing that extra space.


Motorcycles are as fast-moving as cars and can more easily swerve in and out of traffic. Keep your speed low when passing a motorcycle. Attempt to make sure a motorcycle clearly sees your vehicle. If you pass with care, you will not only avoid a scary accident but also potentially preserve a life. If an accident occurs, despite your best driving, contact a personal injury attorney for further assistance and information.

Motorcycles can be dangerous. Whether driving a motorcycle or driving a car near a motorcycle, attentive driving is needed. Pay close attention to any motorcycles, road obstructions, and your own speed. Ensuring the safety of motorcyclists and yourself, defensive driving is key to preventing a motorcycle accident. If an accident does occur, contact a personal injury attorney to explore and evaluate your options, arguments, potential liabilities, and injury issues.

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