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Being Aware of Cyclists on the Road

No matter what form of transportation you use, traffic laws apply to everyone on the road; as a cyclist, it is especially important to follow all traffic and road rules. If you’re in a car, sharing the road with one or more cyclists, defensive driving is key. If an accident does occur, contact a personal injury attorney for further assistance or information about knowing your rights and liabilities.

Sharing the Road

Sharing a road with cyclists can be harmonious if a few simple actions are taken to ensure the safety of all drivers and cyclists on the road. Make sure you give ample space to cyclists, specifically, at least three feet of space. If a cyclist has to move quickly to avoid something in the road, your car will be far enough away where it won’t interrupt your driving.

A bike moves much slower than a car, so passing is often necessary. Always pass a cyclist on the left, after traffic has cleared. Be patient and only pass when it’s safe, even if this means you are stuck driving behind a cyclist for a bit. Always check your blind spots for cyclists and always pay attention at a crosswalk. When you park, make sure you glance at your mirrors before opening your door.

One of the most common areas where cyclist accidents occur is at intersections. Be aware of cyclists in these locations; whether they are going straight or turning, cyclists will usually be on the right of a vehicle in an intersection. Stay alert when the light changes and give any nearby cyclists ample space and time to move where they are going. The biggest reason drivers hit bikers is because they are harder to see than a car, but with patience and a keen awareness, this should almost never happen.

Beyond Cyclists

Sharing the road with slow-moving vehicles is not limited to cyclists. Anyone with wheels can use roads, including mopeds, in-line skaters, skateboarders and more. The rules of the road apply to everyone. Stay patient and alert when driving anywhere and learn to share road space. If an accident occurs, contact a personal injury attorney to assess the situation and determine if someone is at fault.

Cyclist safety is just as important as driver safety. Whether a cyclist or a skateboarder, roads are shared by a wide range of vehicles. Pay attention to the speed and space around your vehicle. If you see a cyclist, stay alert and be ready to adjust your driving around them. If any type of accident occurs, contact a personal injury attorney for further assistance or legal information.

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