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Avoiding a DUI During the Holidays

The holiday season is a fun time of year. It is time to spend with your friends and family. There are many opportunities to eat drink and be merry. While it is a lot of fun, it is important to be responsible. There are many alcohol-related driving wrongful deaths. Don’t become a DUI statistic. Know how you can avoid getting a DUI during the holidays.

Drive Safely

Even if you aren’t drinking, make sure you drive safely. Be extra careful while driving. Pay attention to all traffic laws. Don’t run yellow lights, slow down instead. All of your focus should be on the road. Do not text and drive or talk on the phone. If you get in an auto accident, you will need a lawyer to help you through the process. The most obvious way to avoid getting a DUI is by never driving after drinking.

Make Sure You Are Under the Limit

State laws vary. If you are driving in Farmington, Utah, the laws are going to be different than driving somewhere in California. Know what the blood alcohol content level is in each state. If you plan on drinking more than the limit, be sure you have a designated driver. It is better to stay off the road than ending up in a car accident and having to deal with lawyer fees and everything else that comes along with it.

Act Appropriately

If you do happen to be pulled over, it is important to cooperate and comply with their requests. If the police officer asks for your driver’s license or ask you to perform a sobriety test, it is important to agree to it.

It is important to have fun during the holidays, but stay safe too. While drinking can be fun, be sure you are responsible with it. If you happen to be charged with a DUI or in a car accident, you will want to talk to a lawyer to know your options.



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