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The Dangers of Suburbia

The suburbs, we’ve seen them on TV, movies, you might even live in one. They’re shown as the epitome of safety and tranquility. Granted, this could be due to the fact crime rates tend to be lower in the suburbs compared to big cities. However, a lawyer will tell you safety isn’t only about crime. Safety is also about the layout of a community and the ideas being placed into these residents.

The Maze

Many cities, like Farmington, Utah, uses the grid system to outline the layout. This system of getting around has allowed us to safely move around with little chance of a car accident. However, many suburbs use a more complex layout; winding around, with no uniform. This look may be pleasing but it creates complications when you need to get around.

The complexity prevents easy access to stores, wasting money on gas because you have to drive everywhere, instead of walking, like in the city. Emergency services also have a harder time getting to their destination because of the wonkiness of suburban layouts.

Illusion of Safety

This complex layout may look aesthetically pleasing, but a lawyer will tell you this layout makes it harder to get help when needed. However, the fact it looks better brings in more likeminded families to the community, creating a sense of familiarity within the area. This illusion of safety melds your surroundings together, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

As a matter of fact, 64 percent of “non-traffic” car accident fatalities happen to children, because they were run over, typically, in their very own driveway. Hopefully, you’ll be able to call a lawyer to help with the costs, but make sure you aren’t part of the average and run over your own kid.

Where Should You Live?

While the crime rate is lower in the city, you are more likely to be in a car accident in the suburbs. Combined with a 270 percent increase in death in the suburbs over the city, the suburbs can be a more dangerous place at times. However, a lawyer will tell you not to make a decision until you have all the information. Researching a possible home is incredibly important, as it will tell you the pros and cons of the place.


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