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How to Avoid Injury at a Public Pool

Pools are a great place to relax. However, a pool can be a dangerous place if you aren’t careful. With thousands of drowning accidents per year, a large majority of drownings occur due to accidents at a swimming pool. Even if an accident does not result in death, a victim can be seriously injured. If a pool-based accident does occur, contact a personal injury lawyer and gather information on whether or not a lawsuit is the best course of action.

Accident Prevention

A few simple actions can prevent pool accidents from occurring. Make sure children are supervised at all times in and around a pool. If a lifeguard isn’t present, ensure that at least one adult is watching over others, and if possible, an adult that knows how to perform CPR. Pay attention to the pool surroundings and never participate in the following: swimming in a thunderstorm, dive into shallow water, or consume too much alcohol while swimming.

Clean Area

Pool accidents often occur due to objects or debris in or around a pool area. Make sure a pool deck is free of toys and other objects. Children may be tempted to enter a pool area unsupervised if they spy toys to play with. Blow-up and foam toys shouldn’t be used as safety devices. If a person is not confident enough to swim without these type of toys, a safety jacket or life vest should be used.

Know Your Limits

Swimming takes a lot of energy, and a tired or ill person may succumb to exhaustion quickly. Overheating and dehydration are also common occurrences in a pool area. It’s important to understand your limitations and restrict the amount of time spent in or near a pool. Know your abilities and if you aren’t confident in your swimming capabilities, leave a pool before a situation becomes dangerous. If an accident does occur, a personal injury lawyer can help you assess what went wrong.

Working to prevent accidents, following a few simple safety tips can help make your pool experience carefree. Keeping a pool area clean, closely supervising children, and knowing your limits are just a few actions that can prevent a large number of potential pool accidents. If a pool accident does occur, the best course of action is to contact a personal injury lawyer for assistance or liability information.

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