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How to Avoid Injury from an ATV Accident

All-terrain vehicles, commonly known as ATVs, are used for both work and play. Farmers use ATVs to monitor livestock, inspect farmland and more. ATVs are also used for recreational purposes just about anywhere: off-road, mountainous, rural and even coastal terrain. Unfortunately, ATV accidents are common and a personal injury lawyer can help navigate the legality and fault of an ATV-related injury.

ATV Injuries and Accidents

Flipping or rolling is the most common type of injury-causing accident involving an ATV. When this happens, an ATV driver and passenger can be thrown off the vehicle or pinned down by it. Even though ATVs aren’t designed to carry passengers on the back area, people still regularly used to do so. This simple action puts both the driver and the passenger at higher risk of experiencing an accident. Because ATVs are able to drive just about anywhere, accidents are often caused by drivers traveling over dangerous bumpy roads with loose gravel and inconsistent terrain. This factor alone can contribute to a driver being knocked off of the traveling ATV.

ATV Safety Tips

To reduce the occurrence of an ATV accident, there are several steps that should be taken. It’s important to wear a helmet, appropriate footwear, and other protective gear when driving an ATV. Read an ATV’s operating manual prior to driving it. Be sure you know the path, dirt road, or the terrain that you navigate your ATV so that you don’t strike something unexpected. Check local and state regulations governing ATV use. Never allow young children to drive an ATV and never drive an ATV while using drugs or drinking alcohol. Additionally, make sure you have at least one working communication device with you when driving an ATV, so help can be called in an emergency. If an ATV accident occurs, contact a personal injury lawyer for further assistance or legal advice.

ATV-related injuries are common and can result from a variety of situations and actions. State and federal laws govern manufacturers and sellers. If laws were not observed, a manufacturer or seller may be responsible for an ATV accident. If you are suffering from an ATV-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation for expenses and damages caused by your injury. Contact a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your options.

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