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Are Workplace Injuries More Common in the Summer?

Workplace injuries can be a nightmare to deal with as an employer, as they can occur at any time and have huge ramifications on your business. No one wants an injured employee, let alone the mountain of paperwork and potential worker’s compensation that goes along with one. The summer months have a reputation for increased risk of injuries and accidents nationwide — however, does this extend to the workplace?

Summertime Risk Increase

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, while it might sound strange to some, workplace injuries occur more often in the summertime. This increase might occur due to a number of factors, but the main ones seem to be the increase in heat, and the urgency workers might have to get their labor finished and zip off home. This explains the higher propensity for injury, as any worker rushing to finish their job is more prone to make mistakes, which can significantly increase the risk of injury when working in a dangerous profession.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

While it’s impossible to prevent every injury and accident that could occur in the workplace, employers can take a few steps to help keep their employees safe. One easy way is supervision. While no one wants to babysit their employees constantly, and almost no workers want to feel micro-managed, sometimes having a watchful eye on one’s workers can encourage them to do their job properly without rushing through things.

Another way to prevent injury is to ensure workers are laboring in comfortable conditions. Excessive heat can lead to lightheadedness and dehydration — both of these can make it much more likely that a worker gets injured on the job. Excessive sweat might loosen your grip on handheld tools, while feeling dizzy is something that should never happen while a worker is operating machinery or doing a risky task.

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