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How to Approach an Unfamiliar Dog

Just recently on a flight leaving Salt Lake City, a dog bit a passenger. You just never know where you’ll encounter a dog in today’s world, so it’s best to always be prepared and know what to do.

Each year 350,000 dog bite victims are seen in hospitals and 850,000 victims receive medical attention. Surprisingly, only 15,000 to 16,000 of those victims will receive money from a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company. That means that out of the 85,000 people hospitalized, around two percent receive compensation.

If you happen to get bitten by a dog this year, seek the advice of an attorney about what your legal options are.

Why Dog Attacks Happen 

We often think that all dogs will behave around us the way our dogs do. This simply isn’t the case. Dogs are pack animals. When you approach an unfamiliar dog, you are not a member of their pack. This is the cause of many dog attacks.

We also encounter dogs that are stray or lost. These dogs don’t know our intentions, so they often can react in a manner we aren’t expecting. If you need help getting a resolution of a dog bite situation, consider contacting a lawyer today to see what can be done.

A Few Tips 

Here are a few things you can do to increase your odds of having a great experience meeting a new furry friend.

Don’t approach a stray dog. There could be a wide variety of reasons that a dog bite may occur. Instead, call animal control or the police. Don’t presume that you can pet anyone’s dog. Always seek confirmation from the owner that the dog is safe to pet or approach.

Don’t run from a dog. This can make dog’s predator reflexes kick in. Instead, back away slowly and keep an eye on the dog. Don’t stare down an unfamiliar dog as you approach it. Direct eye contact is seen at an attempt of dominance to dogs. They also don’t react well when you approach them head on. Instead, approach from a slight angle.

Following these tips can help you avoid an accident. Should an accident happen, seek a lawyer with experience handling dog cases. Don’t stay a victim after a dog bite; make sure you get the justice you deserve by contacting an attorney today.


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