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Top Causes of Car Accidents

Every year around 1.3 million people die in road accidents. That’s a little over 3,000 per day. In that same year, an additional 20 to 50 million are injured. If you add those together, that’s a lot of accidents. A wide variety of circumstances cause these accidents, but here are the most common.

If you are a victim of a car accident, there are great options for an attorney available to help you get the results you deserve.

Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving has been the leading cause of car accident cases for the past decade. Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention off the road. This can be talking on the phone, eating and talking to people in the back seat. Many car accident cases could be prevented each year by paying attention to your surroundings. If you’re the victim of a distracted driving accident, consider speaking to an attorney today.


Speeding is another common cause of car accident cases. Speeding often causes you to compromise your safety to arrive only a few moments quicker to your destination. Driving above the speed limit is also unlawful. If you are speeding, odds are you are the one that is going to be cited for the car accident. Leave a few moments earlier and avoid the need to speed.

Drunk Driving 

Drunk driving is the third most common cause of accidents. It is estimated that 300,000 car accident cases are caused each day because of drunk driving. The risks are not worth taking when it comes to deciding if you are sober enough to drive.

If there is any question, don’t risk it. Drunk driving accidents are often the deadliest accidents. If you have been injured by someone who was driving drunk, you should get advice from an attorney to make sure you get the help you need.

Reckless Driving 

Reckless driving is defined in the U.S. as a mental state in which the driver displays a disregard for the rules of the road often causing accidents. Reckless driving can be excessive speeds, dangerous behaviors (tailgating, cutting people off and driving aggressively) and ignoring rules of the road. If someone’s reckless driving causes you injuries, get a lawyer to protect you and get the compensation you deserve.

Driving Conditions 

Car accidents are caused by driving conditions such as rain, snow and ice, road construction or anything else that lowers visibility or creates excessive obstacles. Salt Lake City is notorious for all these things.

If you can avoid being on the road in these conditions, then avoid it. If you cannot stay off the road, drive slowly and pay attention to other drivers on the road. Driving conditions can be tricky when finding out who is at fault. An experienced lawyer in any of these areas can be vital.

Make sure you are doing all you can do make the roads safe for everyone. If you are involved in a car accident, make sure you get the help you deserve and call an attorney today.


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