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5 Things Every Driver Should Know About Car Accident Reports

Robert J. DeBry & Associate would like you to know that car accident reports are helpful accounts for our car accident attorney. They explained all the details, so our lawyer understand what happened. But you should know a few things about car accident reports.

1. Need a Descriptive Car Accident Report

Our car accident lawyer wants you to know that completing a detailed car accident report is in your best interest. Don’t skimp on details. Include information, such as if the other driver was wearing a seatbelt and who was at fault.

2. Parties Should Do Their Own Investigating

While police officers create incident reports, they don’t rely solely on theirs. When you’re at the scene, start talking to witnesses yourself. Gather their information. Even if they have a vague understanding of what happened, something they say could be helpful.

3. Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

Fortunately, in today’s world, most people don’t leave home without their phones. If you’re ever in an accident, grab for it as soon as possible and start taking pictures of any damage done to your vehicle and even the other person’s.

4. The Officer’s Information Is Necessary

Before you leave the scene, get the officer’s name, badge number, and work number. This individual is a vital witness.

5. Driver’s Information Is Vital

Even if the officer declares the accident your fault, it’s not an end-all for going to court and insurance companies. Therefore, ensure you have the other driver’s information, including their name, address, phone number, and information about their vehicle.

If you need a car accident lawyer after a crash, contact Robert J. DeBry & Associate. We can help you fight for any compensation you deserve. And an accident report can help us immensely.

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