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Darren Davis - Utah Personal Injury Attorney

Darren Davis


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Darren Davis is a highly experienced attorney dedicated to representing plaintiffs in various injury cases. As a distinguished member of both the Utah and Louisiana Bar, he has a robust track record of trying numerous cases to significant plaintiff verdicts, often achieving multi-million dollar settlements for his clients. Mr. Davis specializes in litigating injuries arising from diverse incidents, including traffic accidents, industrial mishaps, and wrongful death. His expertise and commitment to justice have made him a trusted attorney for the injured.

Throughout his career, Mr. Davis has demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate the complexities of injury litigation. His comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of a case is meticulously examined and presented, providing his clients with the best possible representation. In addition to his impressive litigation skills, Mr. Davis is also a sought-after speaker in the legal community. He frequently lectures at legal seminars, where he shares his extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics, including trial practice, assessment of damages, and the process of litigating injury claims. His contributions to these educational forums not only reflect his expertise but also his dedication to advancing the practice of law and supporting his fellow attorneys.

Darren Davis is a dedicated and skilled attorney with a proven history of achieving significant results for his clients.

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Education & Bar Admission

BYU American History / Studies Major – 1995

Santa Clara University School of Law, Juris Doctor – 1999

Admitted to the Utah Bar – 2001

Admitted to the Louisiana Bar – 1999


I would definitely recommend Darren to anyone who wants the best of the best!  I had struggled a whole year with severe neck and back pain due to a car accident that wasn’t my fault. I was tired and  completely worn out battling insurances.

Darren Davis was very professional handling my case and did everything in his power to make sure I was taken care of.  He went above and beyond.  I had piece of mind knowing he and his staff were on top of things and always kept me updated.  I only wish I would have contacted them sooner!

Cherstin German
Car Accident

Darren and his entire staff are all very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would hire no other firm if I had another, God forbid, injury. Darren is a bulldog and digs for what he is looking for, his whole team does. If you want shoddy work, go to a strip mall attorney. If you want professionalism and results with a better outcome, look no further. I highly recommend every single person at this firm. My family and I are in your debt and we will always be grateful for all the hard work all of you poured into my case. Godspeed to you all and thank you.

Travis Robinson
Personal Injury

Darren the only attorney you will want to help with your case.

They accepted my case when the attorneys advertising on TV turned me down.

Darren and staff were able to do things I thought were impossible. They stayed in contact with me to always let me know what was happening.

They were able to get me a settlement that will help throughout the rest of my life.

I will be eternally grateful to them.

Jacque Madsen
Personal Injury

This law firm is a Godsend. I worked with Darrin Davis after I was involved and injured in a car accident. He made sure I was able to cover all my expenses and then some. I’m so thankful. Since my accident I’ve sent him several other clients and each one of them has been so appreciative.

Sundee Fox
Car Accident

I’m having a hard time writing this review without crying because it’s a chapter of my life that was hands down the hardest of my life..
3 years ago my children and I were in a very bad accident. I went from just graduated with a new career, bought a house and feeling on top of the world to BAM.. 5 months later it all came to a screeching halt!
I remember like it was yesterday.. as soon as I was put in the ambulance I started hearing how bad it was from my paramedics and I cried out of pain and fear of losing everything my family and I worked so hard for.
My sisters came from 300 miles away to help my husband take care of my kids and I. On the second day home my older sister said I should hire an accident attorney and remembered a number that we all hear and see everyday.. I’m not sure if I can say their names but it rhymes with xxxx and xxxx Let’s just say they would rather collect an little insurance check and push you aside regardless of your condition.
After months of frustration and calling different attorneys, all of who said my case was all but impossible because of the magnitude of which I wanted to go, I was given the name Darren Davis.
I called him expecting the same answer I had heard from all the others but to my surprise he wanted to have a meeting with me THAT DAY! Armed with my orange folder of all my own investigating and my crutches I went in and was immediately part of the family! I had a whole meeting room waiting for Me! I was angry at life and over attorney push back so I plead my case and started passing my documents around… to my surprise Darren asked me a few questions and started getting a fire in his eyes, I knew right there I came to the right place! I actually cried with relief when I got home.

And so it began! Watching Darren ripping these companies apart one by one was amazing!! He is a rabid dog with no filter and is not afraid to tell anyone off that is in his way! And his team has got to be part FBI, they dug up things I was shocked about!!
These guys are amazing honestly, I actually feel a little sad like I lost family when it was all done.
Trust These Guys, take it from someone who lost trust in all attorneys until them.. Thank You Darren and the whole team who helped with my case!! I hope you guys know how incredible you are!

Julie P.
Car Accident

From the initial consult to case resolution, Darren Davis was a tenacious pitbull of a lawyer.  I had visited other well-known firms who clearly did not want to put in the work to come to a suitable settlement.  Darren facilitated the process with professionalism and expertise.  He worked diligently to ensure that ALL of the issues (past, current, and future) were taken care of.  I highly recommend this firm to everyone who needs legal assistance.  You will be pleased with their service and the outcome of your case.

Kari Gallego
Personal Injury

This is a fantastic personal injury law firm! Darren Davis is a pit bull disguised in a suit. He and his awesome paralegal Brandie were incredible from my first consultation to the final settlement…which was for the max amount offered by the policy.

Darren doesn’t just settle cases out of court like the majority of personal injury lawyers. He litigates many cases in court – and wins. Let me explain the significance of this. Most personal injury lawyers do nothing but reach settlements out of court. The insurance companies know this, and are aware that they will not need to pay policy maximums, leaving you with less compensation than that to which you are entitled.

Not so with Darren. In insurance circles, he is known for his willingness to litigate in court and win. This gives the insurance adjuster an “Oh sh*t!” moment when they realize they’re dealing with an attorney in their “DO NOT ENGAGE” list.

If insurance companies know that the opposing attorney has a track record of taking them to court and winning for even MORE money than offered in the policy, they are more apt to settle for maximum policy limits, as they did in my case.

My family will be forever grateful to Darren and Brandie for their excellent work.

Jim H.
Car Accident

Darren did a thousand times more work in half the time than my previous lawyer. He is AMAZING and will fight for you in every way possible. He was able to get me way more money than I ever expected. I highly recommend him and his team!

Ciarra G.
Personal Injury

I had an injury and was referred to Darren Davis. Darren was very good to work with. I believe I could not have done better in choosing a Lawyer for my personal injury case. I worked quite a bit with his paralegal Brandie. She did a great job keeping me informed and up to date with any and all questions or issues. Darren and Brandie made it clear that all decisions were to be made by me. We Arbitrated the settlement. I believe Darren got me the best deal he could. He was ready to take it to court and have a jury settle it if I wanted. Their offer came in low at first but Darren made it clear to them where we stood and they made a more reasonable offer and we settled. If anything ever happened again, I would choose Darren in the blink of an eye.

Ron Grossaint
Personal Injury

The care that I received from Darren exceptional.  Darren Davis was great dealing with my case, fighting the other insurance to get me compensation for my injuries.  I was awarded the full amount. Thank you so much Darren and Brandie for all your hard work and diligence.

I highly recommend Mr.  Davis if you find yourself in a bad situation.

Bobbie Dawn Ha
Personal Injury

Darren Davis did a great job handling my wife’s personal injury case. We were very pleased with the professional service we received and the outcome of our case. Darren was very patient and fought for a successful outcome. We would highly recommend Darren Davis to anyone needing an injury lawyer. He’s definitely good at what he does.

Darren Struchen
Personal Injury