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Zika Virus Confirmed in Florida: What Does This Mean for You?

You might not expect to contract the Zika virus in a western city like Farmington, Utah; however, recent reports indicate that the virus has spread to a small community north of downtown Miami. According to local health officials, Zika is actively circulating in this American neighborhood — prompting citizens of the area to not only keep their personal health practitioner on speed dial, but a wrongful death lawyer, as well. Here’s what you need to know about the current Zika outbreak in Florida, and how health officials are keeping the virus from spreading across the nation to smaller cities like Farmington.


When, Where and How Zika Is Occurring

Through the week of August 1 — 5, 11 people in the small Florida neighborhood were infected with the Zika virus. Unlike other cases of Zika within the United States (which are the result of citizens contracting the virus while abroad and then returning to the States) all 11 cases in Florida resulted from being bitten by local mosquitos. With the addition of these 11 people, the total number of people in Florida who have contracted the virus is 15. Depending on when and how the virus in contracted, the infected citizens may or may not require the services of a wrongful death lawyer.


Zika Virus Contractions Began as Early as June

As confirmed by Florida health officials, four people contracted the Zika virus, via mosquito bites, within the same 150-square-meter area. Health officials believe that the mosquitoes passed the virus as early as June 15 of this year. And because four out of every five people who contract the Zika virus have no symptoms, it’s probable that many people were unaware that they were carrying the virus.


The Precautions You Need to Take

So what can you or a loved one do to avoid contracting the virus — and consequently having to make that unfortunate call to a wrongful death lawyer? Even if you live in the fairly remote city of Farmington, you can still take the following precautions:

  • Pregnant women should be tested for Zika if they have traveled to high-risk areas, even if they don’t show symptoms of Zika
  • Women and men who have traveled to a high-risk area should wait as least eight weeks to conceive following their return home.
  • Men who show symptoms of the Zika virus should wait at least six months to conceive following their return home from a high-risk area.


These guidelines should help you avoid contracting the Zika virus and the potential need for a wrongful death lawyer. It’s better to err on the side of safety regarding the Zika virus — particularly if you’ve visited an affected area or neighborhood recently.

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